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This chart represents a compressed view of the major lineages and styles of Naha-te. There were many more students of some of the sensei's listed, but for simplicity sake it has been narrowed down.

- The teachers Wai XinXian, Iwa, and Ryu Ryuko all knew of each other, there are stories passed down in each lineage talking about their interactions, and even holding kata competitions between the schools.

- The Kojo Dojo in Fuzhou (Fujian) was part of the Ryukyukan, which was a building used for visiting Okinawans to Fuzhou China. The building still exists to this day and is now a museum called the Rouyuanyi.

- Ryu Ryuko's house/school was around where the modern day Longjin Elementary School is. His tomb was at one point only a few blocks from the school, however due to all of the new developments, some tombs were moved, others were buried. It is impossible to find what happened to the orignal tomb of Ryu Ryuko.
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