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龍鳳流 流派
The Ryuhoryu style is a project that was compiled and created by Scot Mertz during his time living on Okinawa as a way to give something back to the Okinawan people. Ryuhoryu is largely a collection of random kata that didn't really belong into any one style, but contained elements that are complimentary to many styles. The bulk of the material can be classified as "Naha-te" and the focus is on material that was practiced prior to 1915. The main idea of the style is to preserve this material for future karateka.
Ryuhoryu is not a style of kata only, there is a deep philosophical side of the system, which has not made it's way into a lot of the more modern karate styles. This deals with the concepts of Yin and Yang and how extremes are handled. Additionally we are trying to preserve older Okinawan and Chinese cultural traditions including wrestling (shima) and participating in events such as the Naha Otsunahiki.
Ryuhoryu Empty Hand Kata
Sanchin Naihanchi Babulien Niseishi Seisan Sanseiru
Tenkan Kukan Chikan Unshu Useishi Sochin
Kuho Hakko Hakkaku Hakuryu Pechurin Ershiba
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