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Buki - Kobudo - Weapons
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Buki (Weapons) of Okinawa/Japan/China
Name Kanji Notes
Bisento 眉尖刀 Halberd - Similar to a Chinese Pudao
Bo 6' long hardwood staff
Chishaukon 四尺棒 4' Ryukyuan staff with flaired tips, aka Kanejo 鐘棒
Chizikonbo 抶子棍棒 Alternate name for a koppo (骨法)
Ekku A type of oar used for dragon boat racing (kai)
Gekiguan 撃障 Shield Breakers - Flail with a weight
Gunbai Uchiwa 軍配団扇 Military Leader Fan - Also a Sumo referee's fan
Gunsen 軍扇 Warrior's fan, usually made of wood or bronze
Gusan 拐杖 Crutch (aka bodhidharma cane)
Jiffa A type of hairpin (jp. Kanzashi)
Kaginawa 鈎縄 Hook attached to a rope
Kamatate 亀盾 Turtle Shell Shield
Karasao 連枷 Flail with a joint to attach the smaller arm
Keibo 警棒 Short Baton - Tankon (短棍)
Kocho Soto 蝴蝶雙刀 Butterfly swords (Southern Chinese short swords)
Kon 6' flexible staff used for spears and polearms
Koppo 骨法 Handheld weapon with a center loop (chizikonbo)
Kuwa Garden Hoe (Gwa)
Mimikon 耳棍 Ear high staff
Mori Harpoon
Naginata 薙刀 Japanese polearm with a sword blade
Nobori Kama 登り鎌 High hook kama (tree pruning kama)
Nunchaku 双尺 Twin Shaku (measurement roughly 1 ft)
Panryukon 盤龍棍 Coiling Dragon Staff - Two long flails (aka: Daijo)
Renkuwan 連耞棒 Two section staff attached with chain (one small end)
Ryuseisui 流星錘 Meteor Hammer - Weights on a rope (surujin)
Sai Trident like weapon used by ufuchiku (Tekpi/Tjabang)
Sakusan 鍚杖 A monk's staff (metal circles with rings)
Sansetsukon 三節棍 Three section staff
Shoshikon 梢子棍 Small nunchaku sized weapon with one flail half length
So Spear, also called a Yari
Sodegarami 袖絡み Sleeve Catches, polearm with many hooks
Surujin 双流星 A meteor hammer made with rope and stone (ryuseisui)
Tanbo 短棒 Often used in pairs (Nitanbo) roughly 2 ft long
Tankon 短棍 Short Baton - Keibo (警棒)
Teppo 鉄砲 Guns (commonly a long barrel flintlock)
Tessen 鉄扇 Iron Fan
Tie Lian Jia Bang 鐵鏈夾棒 Chinese name for the renkuwan weapon
Timbei 藤牌 Shield
Tsunaya 綱矢 Small spike attached to a rope (Rope Dart)
Tuifa 雙拐 Short stick with a handle for rotation (Malay: Topang)
Yamagatana 山刀 Mountain Knife - Hunting knife
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