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Martial Arts Weaponry
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Katas - People - Styles - Techniques - Weaponry
Buki (Weapons) of Okinawa/Japan/China
Name Kanji Notes
Banryukun 蟠龍棍 Coiling Dragon Staff - A type of thick staff
Bisento 眉尖刀 Halberd - Similar to a Chinese Pudao (樸刀)
Bo 6' long hardwood staff
Chishaukon 四尺棍 4' Ryukyuan staff with flaired tips, aka Kanejo (鐘棒)
Ekku A type of oar used for dragon boat racing (kai)
Gekiguan 撃障耞 A type of single hand Chinese flail with a weight
Gusan 拐杖 A crutch - sometimes called Damotsue (達磨杖)
Hinawaju 火縄銃 Matchlock Gun
Kama Sickle
Kanabo 金砕棒 Metal Stick - 2 handed war club with metal studs
Karasao 唐棹 Threshing fail (for grain), has a solid joint
Kocho Soto 蝴蝶雙刀 Butterfly Swords
Kun Kun/Kon - Flexible staff
Kuwa Garden Hoe
Mimikun 耳棍 Ear height staff
Nagae 長柄 Generic name for polearms (Yari, Naginata, Nagamaki)
Naginata 薙刀 Polearm with a short sword blade attached
Nobori Kama 登り鎌 Vertical hook shaped sickle (tree pruning tool)
Nunchaku 双尺 Twin Shaku (Meaning roughly 1 foot in length)
Ososetsukun 大双節棍 Large twin section cudgel
Renkuwan 連耞棒 Two section staff attached with chain (one small end)
Sai Trident like weapon used by law enforcement (Tekpi/Tjabang)
Sakusan 鍚杖 Monk's Staff
Sansetsukun 三節棍 Three section staff - See Banryukun
Tanbo 短棒 Short stick roughly 2 ft in length, in pairs as Nitanbo (二短棒)
Tanegashima 種子島 Arquebus style gun with a matchlock firing mechanism
Tecchu 手中 Hand held weapon with 3 points (top,bottom,side)
Tsue Cane
Yari Straight spear. Sometimes called "So".

Samurai Armor
Name Kanji Notes
Do Chest armor made of metal or leather plates
Domaru 胴丸 A type of Do that opened in the back
Fukikaeshi 吹返 Side flaps on helm to protect neck
Haidate 佩楯 Thigh guards hung from the waist to protect legs
Kabuto Helm / Face protection
Kogake 甲懸 Metal or leather plates for the top of the feet
Kote 籠手 Forearm armor
Kusazuri 草摺 Iron or leather plates that hang to protect lower body
Mabisashi 眉庇 Cap like structure on the front of helm
Maedate 立物 Crest on the front of the helm
Menpo 面頬 Faceplate
Oyoroi 大鎧 Older style armor made from metal scales
Shikoro しころ Larger neckguard, protects lower neck
Sode Shoulder/sleeve armor
Sodejirushi Shoulder badge
Suneate 臑当 Greaves - armor to protect the legs
Tateage 立挙 Knee and Shin plates made from leather or iron
Teko 手甲 Armored plates for the top of the hands (gauntlets)
Wakidate 立物 Crest on helm, usually horns or something similar
Yodarekake 襟廻 Under armor shoulder/neck padding
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